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The History of Salesforce DevOps Center

If you’ve been following the news about DevOps Center, you’ll have seen various different release dates. And that’s correct, because it’s been in development since 2019. Here’s a brief timeline of Salesforce DevOps Center.

September 2020: Developer Preview

The developer preview started in September 2020. It allowed users to start with Work Items, make changes in development environments, and identify and commit changes.

Spring 2021: Pilot

The DevOps Center pilot started in spring 2021. This provided declarative ALM and source control integration, and it added testing, reviewing, and merging changes to the list. It also allowed users to deploy to UAT and production.

June 2022: Public Beta

The public beta started in June 2022. Salesforce beta features include hybrid team flows, usability, and change set parity. It allows users to manually add any metadata and introduces a Never status for Work Items. It provides an activity history, Work Item list view sorting, and improved navigation through the application header. 


Fall 2022: General Availability

General availability (GA) of Salesforce DevOps Center is expected in Fall 2022. At this point, DevOps Center will be a fully functioning replacement for change sets. After nearly three years of development, it will be a comprehensive product ready for use. It will offer fully-developed application lifecycle management (ALM) with source control and org-based development for hybrid teams.


Post-GA, a significant number of enhancements are expected. Key tool integrations will include Jira and Agile Accelerator, additional VCS providers, and testing tools. More developer use cases will be added, including Code Builder integration and packaged-based flows.  Automation will be enhanced with built-in CI/CD. There will also be a Slack integration, and approval processes will be added. 

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